HOW TO BUILD (And Encourage) Brilliance In Your Workplace

Five pillars for attracting and flourishing great talent at work: growth, happiness, abundance, significance, and meaning.

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If any workplace has proven it could both attract and encourage brilliance, it’s Mindvalley. Founded in 2003, this education company that I founded bucked the trend of that time period by conquering the Kuala Lumpur brain drain, while consciously setting itself an objective to become the best workplace by 2020. This dynamism originates from the company’s deconstructed culture, and how it ignores long revered rules of business, opting instead for radical thinking, and cultivating an acute knowing of what matters to employees. I really believe that outside of the guidelines of physics, all the “rules’ are manmade illusions that we’ve traditionally followed, often blindly. As such, listed below are what I really believe to be the five pillars for attracting and flourishing great talent at work: growth, happiness, abundance, significance, and meaning.

1. Growth

At Mindvalley, we have confidence in total usage of education. We’ve an unlimited book budget, because a worker that’s always evolving, and learning skills benefits not merely the business, but themselves too. Workplaces are essentially communities made up of leaders and employees of varying skills and capabilities. Beyond strategizing for the business enterprise, the most important roles of leaders is to build up the leadership skills of others. Hoarding information, influence, or ideas is toxic for the workplace.

It really is exactly the opposite atmosphere that shines such as a beacon to talent and determination. So, cultivate a workplace that puts a solid focus on working together and encouraging consistent growth at all levels. Hire employees predicated on their value system. If indeed they have confidence in personal and communal growth and development, they’ll complement your team. Remember, employees that are constantly learning are constantly teaching those around them.

2. Happiness

You’re destined to invest 70% of your working hours at the job, why shouldn’t work be the happiest, most fulfilling, most celebratory, enticing time you will ever have? Considering employees typically spend about eight hours a trip to work, it’s understandable that the nicer these hours are for them, the better. It’s well understood that happy folks are more productive and creative within their work.

And, as we humans are social creatures that thrive off mutual support, there’s a genuine opportunity for workplaces to be wonderful places to be each day. So, as we at Mindvalley do, encourage social engagement within the workplace. This sort of bonding is essential to build friendships. Organize family days, employee heritage days, and team development events. Good interaction will generate strong team spirit and heighten general morale.

3. Abundance

At Mindvalley, we view our space as conduit to nurturing an improved life for our employees. We wish them to think about the business as a slingshot that may add exponential value with their life, even after their time around. It’s important that employees feel loaded in every area of their lives. Companies should see themselves as a propeller or facilitator of abundance at the workplace and beyond to make sure their workers benefit.

So, be innovative with methods to reward them if they share guidelines, whether this implies attractive paychecks, top-notch workspaces, or flexi-time options. Also, make an effort to incorporate and spend money on their entrepreneurial ideas where possible. Remember, there is huge power in positive expectations.

4. Significance

Make people feel significant to help expand nurture and develop interpersonal relationships. Feeling like we change lives has a marvelous effect on a person’s attitude and performance. Giving credit and praise could be transformational at every degree of a business. Leaders should verbalize their appreciation of their workers, and team members also needs to be encouraged to accomplish the same.

You will want to initiative a kudos system in work where employees can celebrate one another, or reward individuals and teams with amazing prizes or presentations if they achieve great successes? With this employees, we’ve custom software simply made to write letters to colleagues! Making your employees feel significant in these ways also helps develop their interpersonal relationships, which, subsequently, supports collaboration and cocreation.

5. Meaning

Antoine De Saint Exupery said: “If you need to create a ship, don’t drum up visitors to collect wood, and don’t assign them tasks and work, but instead teach them to miss the endless immensity of the ocean.” Employees wish to know they’re doing work for a company striving for an improved world, they are part of a movement once and for all. An organization’s purpose should extend beyond leading your industry, or making great revenue. It will also lay out its relationship with the wider community, and chart what it really wants to surrender to society most importantly.

Employees also desire to believe that they bring their own uniqueness with their organization. Cherishing their individuality enhances this is that employees crave. We at Mindvalley have learnt that bringing meaning to the workplace is a robust attraction and retention tool for business.

Mindvalley founder and CEO Vishen Lakhiani is a keynote speaker for the 2019 Sharjah Entrepreneruship Festival, that will run from November 25-26 at the Expo Center in Sharjah. This year’s edition of the function will dsicover SEF and Mindvalley forge a partnership where they’ll be bringing “Mindvalley Live” to the Emirate of Sharjah. Attendees are certain to get the opportunity to take part in an immersive experience which will accelerate personal growth, overcome limitations, and shift mindset towards success. Get your tickets here.

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