How to build Sales Leads through Your Podcast Guest Appearance

Ditch your self-promotion mindset to provide podcast audiences what they want then the rewards should come.

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Just don’t do it.

Won’t end up like other entrepreneurs and thought leaders who think they are able to simply embark on a podcast to only pitch their business or products and assume sales leads will fallout of the sky to their lap.

It generally does not work that way.

Within my media career, I’ve booked everyone from Canadian bookkeepers to entrepreneurial heavyweights, such as for example Seth Godin and Barbara Corcoran, onto podcasts, however the guests that saw leads from their appearances set themselves up to win by implementing key strategies.

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To find a few examples, I enlisted the aid of a trio of qualified experts including John Lee Dumas, who hosts the Entrepreneur BURNING podcast which attracts over 1.5 million monthly listens; Lewis Howes, who’s a fresh York Times best-selling author and host of THE INSTITUTION of Greatness podcast; and, Beth Buelow who hosts The Introvert Entrepreneur podcast and may be the writer of The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success BY YOURSELF Terms .

With their assistance, listed below are five strategies which will help you take full advantage of your podcast guest appearance.

1. Find relevant podcasts that serve your ideal audience.

Whether you do that yourself or hire others, appearing on the proper interview-based show is vital. For example, in the event that you were an writer of a fresh book about elephant mating rituals, you wouldn’t be seeking to be on a podcast about how exactly to knit Christmas sweaters. That’s just weird.

Dumas says, “I search for podcasts whose audiences I understand I could provide massive value to. This content / topic must match what I could deliver on [to] give my strengths and knowledge, otherwise I understand I will not be serving those people who are tuning in.”

So, where do you find relevant podcasts?

Dumas suggests, “Sometimes recommendations, sometimes through the podcaster calling me with a request to be on the show, and sometimes by doing research in iTunes — typing in keywords that match with the topics I understand I can talk with.”

Howes adds, “I’m always looking at the iTunes charts and on social media at who’s doing what, what’s getting noticed, what shows folks are discussing.“

You can even have a look at podcast networks such as for example PodcastOne and to see what shows may be a fit for you personally.

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2. Offer value first rather than discussing yourself.

On a podcast, listeners don’t want to listen to you brag. They just wish to know ways to help them earn more income, make their lives easier and other benefits that focus on them.

Once you know you need to serve the audience first, you’ll be on the right course to attracting sales leads from your own podcast appearance.

“My goal is to supply three things,” Buelow says. “Solid information that’s gleaned from a combined mix of research, reflection, personal experience and my training; questions for the listener to think about; and ideas to support them in taking action.”

When offering suggestions, do get them to in step-by-step form, so listeners can simply understand and implement them immediately.

3. Tell stories.

Storytelling ‘s been around because the dawn of humankind. It’s lasted this long since it continues to be a terrific way to captivate people. It’s especially powerful when you’re authentic.

“Lead with vulnerability,” Howes recommends. “That’s what creates reference to an audience. Discuss your failures, the items you learned when you made mistakes, the changing times when you didn’t own it all determined. That’s what people hook up to.”

Buelow agrees.

“People obtain people, so when you’re in conversation and sharing your stories, you’re connecting in a deeper way with clients and customers. They feel just like they know you after hearing you and hearing the passion in your voice. And for some interviews, you can discuss your business without pitching — it’s more about who you are, why you do everything you do and what’s important about any of it. You’re putting know, like and trust prior to the pitch, as it ought to be!”

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4. Have a clear proactive approach.

Once your podcast conversation is arriving at a close, remember to offer listeners a method to stay linked to you.

“Since when you deliver quality value to an audience who you understand wants and needs that value, there’s really no reason behind them not to have a look at your business and everything you have going on,” Dumas says. “I usually end my guest appearances with a solid proactive approach, which rarely has anything regarding selling anything. Typically I’m just sharing a free of charge resource on our site therefore i can begin nurturing a relationship with the brand new leads.”

Dumas also mentioned an excellent call to action could possibly be sharing your email or asking visitors to connect to you via your preferred social platform.

5. Master the promotion of your podcast appearance.

So, after your interview is completed, how will customers hear about any of it?

According to Buelow, you should "do your part to market your appearance on the podcast. This can help the episode stay alive and visible for longer, reaching more prospective clients. Announce that you’re likely to be interviewed (and that you’re worked up about it!). Post the finished episode on your own various social media platforms, your site as well as your newsletter, then put the hyperlink in a rotation to keep sharing on Twitter. This also demonstrates you’re an excellent guest, thinking about supporting the podcast host, and they’re much more likely to ask you back for another episode or recommend you to other podcasters.”

Beforehand, you can ask podcast hosts how they’ll market your episode. Most will say they’ll promote it on social media, which is nice, but you’ll want to suggest they advertise your interview with their email list, too. For the reason that is some podcast hosts have significantly more engaged email subscribers than followers who only like among their tweets every couple of months.

Overall, podcast guest appearances have become a sensible way to interact with niche audiences (and clients) that you never could have during the past. So, if you’re seriously interested in making sales leads from those interviews, provide relevant value first. Once you do, there�