How to build Top Candidates Without Posting to Job Boards

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In his publication The Roadmap to Freedom, peak performance expert Chris McIntyre describes developing a core team of superstars that may help you lead your company to another level. In this edited excerpt, the writer details the five methods for you to uncover superstar candidates offline.

Yes, social media can connect you with potential superstars. But don’t overlook the face-to-face approach either. Here are some methods for you to find superstar talent offline.

1. Make Superstars Search for You Getting noticed by the very best happens more when you’re the very best. Imagine what life will be like if superstar employees were begging to do the job. If they’re not, I challenge you to determine why.

Below are a few questions that may help:

  • Do superstars seek us out? Why? You will want to?
  • The facts about working here that differentiates us from our competition?
  • What indicators do we consistently mention of track our reputation?
  • How might those indicators be changing (i.e., social media)?
  • What are several reasons a superstar wouldn’t normally choose us apart from salary?
  • What can we do about any of it?

Being the very best means you’re less inclined to have to struggle with the mass of mediocre competitors out there. The worthiness of clarifying why you’re not the best in the minds of superstars could highlight a competitive advantage your rivals currently is wearing you. You might like to plug that hole.

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2. Two Examples of Separation In 1929, the Hungarian poet Frigyes Karinthy suggested you could access anyone on earth through leveraging only six differing people; this became popularly referred to as “six examples of separation.” I’d bet the proper sort of talent for your business is significantly less than two examples of separation from you at this time. Put simply, someone you understand knows someone you may want to hire.

Just how many contacts do you now have in your contact list? If you’re among those small-business owners with hundreds — as well as thousands — of contacts, I guarantee all of your staffing needs are sitting right under your nose.

Don’t hesitate to network in-house, too. Most superstars know other superstars. It’s likely that, they are able to connect you to a fresh addition they might be willing to use. Even if you’re not prepared to hire, it can be beneficial to have lists of possible hires standing by.

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3. Overbook Just like the Airlines Phil Coady, CEO of software development company Microgroove, said he likens the superstar hiring process to “overbooking just like the airlines do.” You will want to find talent before you must? Attend industry events and loiter around the halls of professional organizations and forums inside your industry. You could also check in with vendors, suppliers, and other contacts connected with your craft.

By periodically cycling through your contacts, you’ll manage to stay linked to the talent pool and discover yourself less frequently in a hiring rut without options. You really should check in with a couple of contacts on a monthly basis. Maybe a month you could check in with a few vendors, merely to say hello. The next month, you might talk to a few key suppliers. The target is to keep potential leads warm if you happen to ever need to look for a new superstar.

4. Always Hiring WOW’ers Steven Jones, CEO of Jones and Associates Consulting, a diversity consulting firm, suggested:

Among our criteria for recruiting people is when they head into an area, the response of individuals is “Wow . I would like to listen to see your face.” Those people have flexibility, humility, and their egos in balance. They’ve got the talent. They have the intellectual rigor and communication skills to take complicated issues and present them in a manner that moves visitors to action.

Perhaps you have ever met somebody who made you say “Wow – she was great!” Perhaps you received exceptional service in a restaurant or at a hotel. Or simply you heard a superb speech. You might have even seen someone hand a stranger back his dropped wallet or quit his seat on the subway to someone. Notice these folks, and add them to your contact list.

5. FIND OUT Rough Diamonds and Pre-Credentialed Superstars You should regard a down economy as a perfect time to find cheap diamonds. The main value of economic turmoil and high unemployment is that superstar talent can be bought for minimal cost. People get let go from jobs they’ve had for many years. A lot of those folks never needed degrees and today end up stuck because they don’t have formal credentials. Those very skilled individuals are diamonds in the rough.

Similarly, don’t hesitate to have a risk on the pre-credentialed crowd — someone without the most recent degree or certification. Maybe they lack certain technical skills but have "wow" people skills. Hire for the wow, and become flexible enough to instruct the how.

The pre-credentialed pool supplies the biggest value for your money. They are the superstars who’ll shine soon no matter where they land, so you might as well have them before your rivals does.

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