Men’s Jeans That Fit the girl and the days

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This story was originally published on July 1, 2015.

Fashion is a way of self-expression with seemingly endless possibilities, but its categories tend to be rigid: mens, womens, juniors. Unisex is rare at best. Just what exactly do you do in the event that you identify as an androgynous woman and you can’t find options to accurately show the world how you see yourself? If you’re Vicky and Charisse Pasche, you create your own clothing company.

The Pasches, who were married in California this past year, were on the honeymoon if they dreamed up the thought of creating men’s-style clothing shaped to match a female. “I had cut my hair this year 2010 and was transitioning to a far more masculine look,” says Vicky. “From then on, I started shopping in the men’s department, nonetheless it was uncomfortable because people look at you weird.”

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Vicky was often in a position to find suits, but other apparel options were challenging. Still, she and Charisse made a decision to focus their clothing line on America’s go-to basic: Jeans.

The NORTH PARK couple bought jeans from both men’s and women’s departments and created a design that combined the very best elements of each: the detailing of men’s jeans (i.e. – larger, deeper back pockets) and the body-contouring fit of women’s jeans. And therefore Dapper Boi was created.

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Stated in LA, Dapper Boi’s jeans can be found in one style and one wash and retail on the website for $120. “That which was vital that you me was to provide a really wide variety,” Vicky says, “so you can expect waist sizes from 26 to 48, and all with an inseam amount of 34.” Men’s sizing, she says, is simpler because it’s a straightforward matter of measurements, instead of women’s sizing, in which a size 10 in a single brand is actually a size 8 in another.

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The complete process — from forming a good idea to locating a manufacturer and having an example of the pants — took about seven to eight months. If that seems remarkably fast, it had been. “We were aggressive, because we knew this is a problem and we wished to have a solution eventually,” says Charisse. “We knew we’d to be aggressive and push forward.”

To build their business, the couple had to create adjustments within their home life. Charisse took a leave of absence from her job employed in admissions for Ashford University, freeing up 12 to 14 hours every day to focus on launching the business, but losing a six-figure income along the way. Vicky scaled back on her behalf job as head of marketing at a casino. The pair also moved earlier this April from a four-bedroom townhouse to a one-bedroom apartment.

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Three weeks after moving, they launched a Kickstarter campaign. The ladies crowdfunded their way to a lot more than $26,000 — surpassing their goal of $18,000 — and also have just started taking pre-orders. The hope is to provide jeans for his or her backers also to have another 100 pairs in inventory, but Vicky really wants to undertake the stash quickly. “My goal is 200 pairs of jeans per month to start and, from then on, [new] styles and washes will be next steps.”

In lots of ways, Dapper Boi couldn’t attended at an improved time. With the Supreme Court having ruled same-sex marriage legal over the U.S. and the transgender movement finding a champion in Caitlyn Jenner, issues surrounding gender and sexuality are front and center at this time.

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Charisse shared the story of a female who wrote them a contact explaining that her sister is transgendered and had harmed herself as she struggled with her identity a couple of years ago. When this woman showed her sister — now her brother — the Dapper Boi campaign on Kickstarter, she said he couldn’t stop smiling.

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“We discuss how exactly we feel lucky to participate a world where folks are open minded,” Charisse said. “It’s really perfect timing with the Caitlyn Jenner story. Fashion is important because you want to reflect what we feel inside, on the outside. That is one small thing that people can do for our community and we’re super worked up about it.”

Though they have ideas for more Dapper Boi items later on — ties, shirts and jackets, amongst others — they would like to establish themselves with demin first. “A very important thing that that you can do is start with one product and perfect that, concentrate on that rather than have an excessive amount of inventory,” Charisse says. “What we desire to be known for is our denim, as soon as we’ve created a base, there are various other things that people want that fit a lady body but present masculinity.”

In a funny twist, Dapper Boi jeans are being bought by men and women. “They’re growing to be pretty unisex,” Vicky says, laughing. She owes that to the comfort and quality of the merchandise. “The feeling of the jeans when I first hook them up to was amazing.”

It seems sensible, considering how feeling more comfortable with who you are is what it’s about, anyway.